Cantray has consultants available to assist you in development, upgrades to existing infrastructure, or migration to the latest versions of Microsoft and other similar technologies. Our consultants can meet you on site or are available by remote means such as VPN.

Documentation and Procedures

Disaster recovery planning and correct documentation ensure business continuence in the event of a disaster. We can provide network diagrams, settings and systems documentation to ensure that you are in control of your businesses future.

Supply and Install
We recognise that the more vendors you have the more difficult your life is. We have access to over 10,000 products that we can install and configure with the minimum of fuss.


Pro-Active Services

Preventative Maintenance

To opt out of the typical “Break Fix” cycle which can cause costly network downtime, Cantray IT can provide Preventative Maintenance programs to suit your financial and network availability requirements.

Regularly maintained servers, network & systems mean fewer failures and less downtime returning higher productivity. Higher productivity improves your bottom line resulting on across the board savings and/or increased profits that can offset your IT support investment.

At the same time, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your organisations exposure to security risks is dramatically reduced, and employee frustration from unstable IT resources is minimised.


Re-active Services

(or Break-Fix)

Break fix is I.T. support on demand as needed by the client. Break fix is one of our preferred methods of IT support. It allows us to provide our clients with the proper IT services, without monthly recurring charges. We typically work out a predetermined hourly fee with the client, and then provide the necessary labour and hardware if required in order to get their systems back up and running.

While many of our customer do enter into monthly support contracts, we also like to offer break fix services for the convenience of our clients. We look at break fix IT support as a way for both your organization and ours to benefit. It gives us business and the opportunity to build relationships with our customers that will hopefully lead to contract IT solutions and other managed services in the future. For the customer, it provides the chance to essentially pay as you go, or as your organization needs tech support, opposed to being locked into contracted services that you may end up not using as much as you thought.

The Break-fix service is meant for organizations that do not want to commit to a contract with an IT support provider. Commonly, the organizations that use this sort of IT service are those that generally do not need frequent IT support or have a periodic for IT support. It’s also a great opportunity to test out our services without committing to anything in the long term.