Technology Purchasing

A big part of helping small businesses manage their IT investment is directing their purchase decisions, and we establish trust with our clients over time so that they know we are providing the right options, and making the right purchases to meet their business needs.

No matter what is required, we have purchasing arrangements with all major Australian distributors, and can source any IT products across multiple areas.

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When it comes to planning and making decisions about future information technology, Cantray can save you time and money. We can advise on and source all forms of commercial software.

We can supply our customers with the following and more:

Windows desktop operating systems

Windows server operating systems and applications

Office applications

Database software

Accounting software

Email and corporate productivity

Antivirus and antispam solutions



Cantray has the ability to recommend and source the most appropriate hardware for our clients.

We can design and recommend a hardware solution to suit each customers needs. Our focus is quality and reliability and we have a shortlist of preferred suppliers, which we use to ensure quality at a competitive price.

In addition, we provide advice on, and undertake the upgrade and maintenance of all types of hardware.


Some of our trusted suppliers